Chip! Chip! Chip! Chip! Chip!

Tonight we have a guest blog from author Chip Howe, the dog we are caring for this week.



It’s my last day at the Hummel’s. I stayed in the crate all day. Abby came home from work. I WAS SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! SHE’S MY FAVORITE!!!!! She played with me. IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!! PLAYING IS MY FAVORITE THING EVER!!!!! She scratched my ears!!! I couldn’t stop wagging my tail!!!!! Do I even have a tail??? Let me sniff around and see if I can find it!!!!! We went into the kitchen and there are so many smells there! SMELLING IS MY FAVORITE!!!!! She started making dinner and accidentally dropped some food! HOORAY! I LOVE EATING PEOPLE FOOD OFF THE FLOOR!!!! After an hour, she remembered that I might need to go outside to take care of a few matters of doggy business since I had been in the crate all day…and BEING OUTSIDE IS MY FAVORITE THING EVER!!!!! I drank a whole bowl of water! WATER IS SO DELICIOUS!!!! I LOVE DRINKING IT!!!! Aaron came home from work! AWESOME! HE’S MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!! He took me for a run! I LOVE RUNNING! IT IS SO AWESOME!!!!! They sat at the table and ate dinner! I couldn’t help but stick my nose right next to their plates. They swatted me away and I cuddled on their carpet. It’s so soft and I know they will play with me soon! They decided to watch a movie tonight and brought me to the back room!!! I LOVE SITTING IN ALL THESE BLANKETS!!!!! They won’t let me sit on the couch but I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN! MOVIES ARE MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!! They have my same dry dog food from home here! I LOVE MY DOG FOOD!!!!!!!!! And then before bed I can chew on my rawhide bone! RAWHIDE IS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE BEING A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron and chip!

I’m even in a movie!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!! WE ARE ALL AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “Chip! Chip! Chip! Chip! Chip!

  1. You guys should get a dog! That video reminded me of the Aaron that only (and always) came out around Abe… good old Abe.

  2. Aaron might think he is a dog, Beth… that is a distinct possibility. I have to say that for as much work as a dog was (and he was a good one! I’m sure a puppy would be 10x more challenging, too!) it would be better to just have a child. That’s quite a bit of effort for something that doesn’t have a soul… but it was fun to have one for a week! We both really enjoyed it.

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