This morning brought about discussion that reminded me of the need for at least 3 new things in the first-world marketplace:

1) The Baby Pianist High Chair. (And no, I don’t mean we need it for us right now.) It would be something like a usual tableside clip-on baby seats, only set up just right for attaching Baby to a piano. This would be a great way to get kids experimenting on the keyboard as soon as they can sit up and I think it would make eventual piano practicing seem more natural.  2) A gravel-inhaling landscape vacuum. Basically, the opposite of a leaf blower. We definitely need this. I mean, have you seen our yard?

3) A Coffee thermos technologically marrying the beauty of a French Press Coffee Maker  with the portability and ease of a Camelbak water backpack, so we wouldn’t have to choose between the simple pleasures of drinking good coffee in the morning AND biking at the same time.  I would call it  the “Cafe Chameau,” which is a butchered French translation of the words Camel and Coffee.
Do you have the solution to any other world problems with your creative inventions?

6 thoughts on “Inventions

  1. Hello,
    I was kind of excited when I saw this post. Not because I am in inventor, but because I work for one. My boss invented the Ab Roller …you know that bent metal looking thing that supports your head and neck so you can do sit-ups pain free? Well, right now he has a website called InventYourselfRich and I assist him in keeping this running. If you are serious about any of these inventions and think that it is a really great idea and would appeal to a mass number of consumers , I would urge you to check out his website. ( I promise, I am not marketing this or spamming you!! ) I am a crafter and blogger, however whenever I do see something pertaining to inventions, it catches my eye since my work week is saturated with invention stuff.
    Anyways, he has tons of great free videos and information on his site, but also has a invention help coaching club that has helped MANY inventors in the past. Check it out and if you do think you will pursue these ideas good luck!

    • Woah, that’s totally cool. I have never owned an Ab Roller myself but my neck hurts like mad every time I do sit-ups, so I applaud the inventor! I think all our inventions are just pipe dreams for now, but thanks for chiming in. 🙂

  2. Nice Abby! Very funny… On Saturday Jack and I were just discussing how sweet it would be to drink coffee from a camelback while biking. In particular, we envisioned him doing this during his 300-foot commute from his dorm to class at Hillsdale. That way he could enjoy his french press coffee and still have both hands free to avoid collisions with pedestrians, AND with an insulated camelback, his coffee would stay warm for an entire lecture! I think it’s a fabulous ideas. When you patent it and make millions, please list us as your co-inventors! 🙂

    • Jack and Aaron are so much alike! I also wondered about having a hipster-style bike with a tray for your coffee… but I think the camelback would be much better. And as far as the millions? I went public first, so you will have to miss out on the bulk of our fame and fortune. We will, as a sign of familial goodwill, invite you to weekend at the luxurious mountain retreat we will build off the inventing income.

    • Well, thank you. 🙂 I can imagine you owning a Cafe Chameau and gleefully biking around, perhaps with a small costumed child in place of a front basket.

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