A Canoe Race

A warm day with slight breeze made a perfect setting for the department picnic of Aaron’s colleagues and coworkers at the end of the week. While the main dish was American standard KFC, the sides were potlucked, which is actually an adventure itself because so many international students and faculty bring dishes from their native lands and you never quite know what you’re going to get. (The innocent looking cucumber salad should have been rated four-pepper spicy; what we thought was a tamale was actually a sickeningly sweet sticky rice blob wrapped in leaves.)

This event concludes with an annual canoe race, which gets water-loving Michigan natives like us all antsy to beat everyone from landlocked Iowa. I was disappointed about not competing this year because we let someone else take my spot when one of Aaron’s labmates wanted to try canoeing. Perhaps this was for the best. After viewing the following movie, you can make your own educated decision about the fruitfulness of this canoeing venture.

Aaron took this failure very seriously. At the end, he starts to say “It was awesome,” but the camera stopped recording.

Following my own brisk experience in February, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one in our family who had an accidental underwater adventure this year.

2 thoughts on “A Canoe Race

    • Hey, you get way more practice than us! We are landlocked! And after watching that video, I bet anybody’d be up for racing against Aaron… 😉

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