summer vacation 2012

After spending the 4th of July visiting family for a week, mostly on lakes in northern Michigan, I’m pretty sure that vacationing is one of my spiritual callings in life. And maybe photography is not part of that vocation because I tend to forget about taking pictures until it’s all over.

We spent most of our time on a lake like this one, swimming, tubing, kayaking, paddle-boating, raft-fighting, and splashing. Even the water was warm!
Aaron had a pinched nerve and his sister led some Physical Therapy sessions at the cottage:
The final picture lends itself to an appropriate quote from Uncle Don, “You can’t upstage a baby.”
The best quotes from the trip are constant references to the “Amber waves of grain,” and the past-tense version of you-snooze-you-lose: “You snost, you lost.” Aaron also discovered Sour Patch Kids for the first time and is now obsessed with them.

We also stopped to see my family for a bit on both ends of the trip – their house is right on the way to the in-laws, and, conveniently, 10 minutes away from Lake Michigan. They have lots of comfy beds and are happy to see us anytime. We’re very blessed! There are friends living with them now, so Aaron got in some early-morning tic-tac-toe before we left.
We also saw my little-boy cousins briefly. Aaron titles himself “Tall and Sassy” in this photo:
We are so grateful to have family living in vacation-y places! The most exciting part of our week back at home, so far, was celebrating Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A.

Let’s go on vacation all the time!

5 thoughts on “summer vacation 2012

  1. Looove the pics!! Thanks for sharing them, Abby! (So glad you guys made it to CFA! ;). You make a lovely cow couple :))

  2. My human took his missus and me up to Ludington on the big lake. Michigan is beautiful in the summer. We fished, we swam, we fished, we hiked, we fished, we picnicked, we fished, and we fished. My human has a nrrow attention span.

    • We LOVE Ludington – went there for part of our honeymoon. We definitely plan to get back sometime. Our favorite activities included eating multiple times at the Jamesport Brewing Co. – they know how to grill a burger and brew a beer – and getting House of Flavors ice cream. Glad you had fun. πŸ™‚

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