Our Room (Home Tour)

I have some house pictures here. I truly meant to do these posts quite a while ago. I’ve been bugged to share house pictures by several friends and family members who can’t make it out to inspect in person. So here we go!

We’ll start off with the one room of our house that feels “done” to me. This is the only place we have bold color on the walls. Right after moving in, I tried a few greens that did not work. Finally, after wasting $70 on ugly paint, Aaron, who is partially colorblind, picked the color we have now. We love it. I don’t know what I will do when we move. I would absolutely think about using the same color again. My aunt visited last month and told me the green worked because we can see so many leaves in our windows. I think she’s right! It feels like an extension of the outdoors, which is just right for us.

The view coming in from the hallway. I got the blinds on a freak Lowe’s clearance for 70% off and my mom helped me make the curtains.

stepping in

Aaron’s side. I refinished the dresser as a surprise for him a few years ago; also, I spray painted the nasty old fan to look metallic black. The flower painting was a wedding present.

My side. Lots of books and baskets! Also, I made that bedskirt because our bed is too tall for regular ones, which is handy when you have lots of junk to hide. Which we do.

my book basket.

I bought this old record stereo on craigslist from one of our pastors. Painted the bottom, refinished the top, covered the speakers with old canvas. It’s great for storing linens!

My dresser. Antique from Aaron’s family. I refinished it.

Fake flowers from Walmart clearance; calligraphy from my sister; mail holder from goodwill; books; jewelry box; cool dish from goodwill.

There’s a great psychological effect to starting and ending each day in a space you love. I’m grateful to have such a cozy room… but I will confess that it usually has piles of laundry all over the place, which is less than relaxing.

8 thoughts on “Our Room (Home Tour)

  1. Thanks Abby. Loved the tour and the room. It must be pretty big with everything you have in it. Have just ordered blinds for the family room and bedroom for our “new” house. With Gwen’s help, we think we got a nature look.

    So you are getting visitors from MI soon. You won’t believe how Mia has changed. Be prepared to be on the run. Enjoy

    Love, G & G Cheney

    • Thanks Grandma! For being a smaller house, the master bedroom is very generous. We are so grateful for the chance to furnish it with all the furniture from family. I still think you should blog about your new house experience, too. 😉
      When we were at your cottage, I told Emma “This kid is cute, but what did you do with your baby?” I imagine we will think similar things every time we see her. This is one of the bad side effects of living far away!
      You can be on the lookout for more family treasures in future posts. We love you and miss you!!

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