Especially after having a bunch of miscarriages, I am pretty stoked to have thoughts worth communicating about raising living children! Here are some of my favorite essays and resources about mothering.

My blog posts:

Firstborn: A letter to my daughter, on being a firstborn.
She’s here: Annie’s birth announcement.
Welcome, little Thomas: Thomas’ birth announcement.
Undisguised Blessings  Wrestling with the blessing of a perfect new baby and the sufferings of Christians around the world.
Under the Shadow: Parenting is supposed to be overwhelming.
Full Hands. My hands are full of treasure!
The Long Good-Bye (“…But as they grow it will also mean subordinating my dreams and rejoicing that they were created to fulfill God’s plans, not mine. Even under the best circumstances where I would share a long life of loving and mothering these children, receiving them as the gifts they are means living the hard goodness of this long good-bye.”) 
Family Devotions with a Toddler (This is not seminary!) “If I am waiting to read the Bible with my kids out of fear that I’m not doing it right, I have really, really missed the point.”
Reclaiming Martyrdom  (“Where the “mommy-martyr” complains and looks at herself, measuring her identity by her children and what they have taken from her, a true martyr faces the very real demands of laying her life down by looking to Christ and finding her identity through all she has received in him.”)

Some of my favorite resources elsewhere:
Mom Enough – a collection of essays from Desiring God. (Free PDF download!)
Motherhood is a Calling by Rachel Jankovic at Desiring God
Moms Need Theology, Too by Christina Fox at Desiring God 
Developing our Second Bests by Abigail Dodds at Desiring God. 
Tiny Sneakers by Liv Booth at Worldview Relay.
The Risen Motherhood Podcast with Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler