about abby

I’m Abby Hummel, and I’m on here talking about life, culture, and science through the lens of the gospel. My husband Aaron and I live Missouri with a daughter, son, and a large, ridiculous dog named Max.
I’m a classically trained musician and a theology nerd (I have a B.A. double-major in Music and Christian Studies, and we’re part of a congregation in the Presbyterian Church of America, if you’re wondering). I moonlight as a music teacher from time to time.
After having a bunch of miscarriages, I finally had a baby and then had another one exactly thirteen months later. They’re still pretty young so life is beautifully crazy around here. I am really thankful to be home with them in these little years, but I also have lots of books to read and many grownup things to chat about here on the blog… usually during nap times.
I’ve also been on the ride of my life keeping up with my husband’s career as a plant biotechnologist (which sometimes means “GMO crop maker,” for us laymen). It’s one of my life missions to understand more of his controversial world, and I’m doing my best to share what I can here with you guys.