My husband and I fell into a role of advocacy for science among our fellow Christians. He loves plant pathology, I have grown to love talking about it, and we both love Jesus…. and somehow realized we’re starting a conversation everyone wants to have but doesn’t know where to go to talk about it. If you’ve ever wondered about the science and production side of your food, or tried to figure out if there was a Christian theology of biotech and GMO crops, we hope you’ll stick around.

We have popped around talking about this other places:
Aaron’s work in Growing Food More Reliably and Efficiently at the Gospel Coalition 

I’m a molecular biologist working in agricultural biotechnology—a field that’s had a significant effect on agriculture even though it’s only existed for 35 years. In my work, I develop and improve the performance of crops by making genetic modifications, which means that I need to know what causes plants and plant cells to live, develop, and reproduce.”

Faith and Fear in the Food Wars at Christ and Pop Culture 

Vernacular Podcast with Zac and Sally Crippen (Season 4, Episode 9 “Hop Farming & GMOs”)

Our Midwestern Life Podcast with Abigail Murrish (Season 2, Episode 3)

I’ve also published work here on this blog– “God & GMOs: A series discussing science, the gospel, and farming so Christians can eat with confidence.” 

God & GMOs
God & GMOs: An Introduction Why I’ve hesitated to write about GMOs in the past and why I’m writing now. 
Part 1: The Gospel Review of the gospel as the foundation for our discussion 
Part 2: What is a GMO?  Easy explanations of the science of GMO crops. 
Part 3: “Do Your Research”  The scientific method, peer-review, and scientific publication
Part 4: Pursuing Truth A call to Christian responsibility in sourcing information