january and february

Okay, so I have this goal for January to have a mostly sugar-free diet and if it doesn’t kill me, I think I’ll do it for one other month in the year, too. I have no idea how people who do this “for real” plan things, but I’m planning to totally avoid all sugary snacks, cookies, candy, soda, etc., and when something MUST have sugar (like my plain oatmeal this morning), I will use fruit and a teeny bit of honey. So I guess it’s really a refined-sugar-free diet. I don’t think I’ve been eating that much sugary stuff, but I’m excited to see how this goes.  I may cheat for Aaron’s birthday though.

Another thing I’m working on is a goal to make $100 from stuff I have laying around the house. I’m kind of lazy/scared/strapped-for-time so I am avoiding craigslist and will be taking lots of unneeded clothing and home items to consignment shops. This may cut down my profit, but it will be much easier. I’m hoping to have made $100 from these efforts by the end of February! I’m not really sure what I will do with that cash, but we’ll definitely find a use for it.

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  1. Awesome plan! I’ve been trying to cut out common allergens in my diet. I cheated tonight and used some soy sauce on my brown rice…

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