the view from here (kitchen, pt 1)

Our kitchen is kind of awkward. It’s like it can’t decide if it’s a separate room from the rest of the living area or not. This is the view from the entry way.

the twin towers

the two towers

We’ve had plans to revolutionize the kitchen for over a year. When I told Aaron his trophy deer head would not cross the threshold of our home until the project was completed, he groaned. But the leathery face of Bambi’s dad has been drying for months and soon he will be done. I hope this means the kitchen will be done soon, too.

the galley

We have a long kitchen, and it’s great for one person at a time.  Here’s a little pro and con list for what we have going on right now.
We like:
The cabinets. They are in decent shape (especially for being 53 years old) and they look super modern. There is quite a bit of storage in the high cabinets, too. We have lots of space!
A double window over the sink
The light and pot rack over the island. We put this in when we first moved in. I know they are immortalized on, but Martha has one and so do I.
Dishwasher. We put this in over the summer and we fight a lot less now. I’m not kidding. Worth every penny!
A stainless steel fridge.
It’s right next to the garage door, so it’s very convenient for bringing in the sheaves groceries.
We have a hard time loving:
The tiny pink oven that isn’t as hot in the back as it is in the front.
The half-working cooktop
The funky pantry
The weird metal protectors keeping the grease splatters from the stove away from the living room.
The peachy laminate countertops
The matching peachy laminate backsplash
Not much lighting – it’s very dark.
The brown carpet in the kitchen (clearly the original designer was on crack)
The white carpet in the dining area (same)
The blue wall. We painted it this color. I take full responsibility here. It’s just a little too… blue and shiny.
Two words: pink sink.

so weird

Of course we have so much to be grateful for, but we’re really looking forward to this project and hope it’s lots of fun!

kitchen sink

Okay, I’m excited and looking forward to it. Aaron is a little terrified.

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