post its.

One of my greatest little loves in life is post-it notes. I love everything about them. The weight and thickness of the paper, the eternal stickiness of the post-it strip, the colors that come together in packages, the way you can write lots of notes on different sheets and put them  in pretty arrangements on a mirror or a desk, the cute designs in the corner of some fancier ones… sigh. I have a drawer in my desk devoted specifically to post-it notes. They are organized by function (for instance, the bright pink flower-shaped pads do not have one), beauty (because I don’t actually use the yellow stack with a green fern outline in the corner, I just look at them) and size (so I can easily write out my grocery lists on the larger lined ones).

Also, I do not use imitation post-its. They must be the genuine thing. I buy real ones and bring them to work because I refuse to use the impostors.

One of the great things that happens with post-its is the hilarious cartoons at Savage Chickens. Tonight I’m freaking out a little bit, feeling like I haven’t accomplished much with my life so far, and this little one seems particularly appropriate for me:

keeping it all in perspective

My birthday is tomorrow… so despite how I may feel about what I am or am not accomplishing with the life I have lived so far, here’s to another year of not getting killed and eaten!

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