a tale of two bunny-buns

Because I can now spend my days enjoying the breeze through my screened-in patio while working and getting paid to do so, I have more chances to observe the wildlife surrounding our little paradise home.

not pictured: ice-cold ginger ale

This spring we fell in love with two little bunnies living in the back yard. It wasn’t just me! Even Aaron used the word “cute.” We called them Brother Bunny and Sister Bunny. Brother lived back by the big tree; Sister preferred the raised beds by the side patio.

Brother Bunny

Sister Bunny

It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair. I’m sure waiting until they snared our hearts with their adorableness must have been difficult, but after sensing the protection of our affection, the darling Brother and Sister feasted on the leaves of my recently-transplanted hostas…

too hostalicious for ya, babe

… and, more devastatingly, one of our bamboo (bamboo bamboo!- veggie tales anyone?) clusters. Those things were $35 a pop. Hopefully the gnawed down plant comes back next year.

bamboo leftovers, now protected by a homemade cage

Please do not judge us for the unlovely rock garden. We dream that someday the rocks will be gone and replaced by lush green grass with twin bamboo clusters for privacy, bordered by variegated hostas. We’ve come to grips with our own human limitations and know accomplishing these dreams take time. It will probably come together right as we put the house on the market.

the uneaten bamboo plant in all it's wire-caged glory

So unfortunately, with the demolition of our decorative greenery already underway, my husband encouraged me to say good-bye to Brother and Sister Bunny before they had a chance to discover the edible garden full of tomatoes and snow peas. Now this story is all we have left of the two bunnies with their cotton-tail buns.

Good-bye to our two little Bunny-buns! It was the best of times to watch you play in our yard, but the worst of times when you ate all our plants.

4 thoughts on “a tale of two bunny-buns

  1. Aw, I thought this story was going to take a precious (and slightly disturbing) turn and you would proudly announce that brother and sister bunny were actually husband and wife bunny and that now you had a backyard full of baby bunny cuteness. Bummer. I was still a good story, though I suppose đŸ™‚ Have you talked A into getting a kitty yet?

  2. incest or murder? hmm. both are intriguing, I suppose.
    No kitty. My hopes are not high for this pursuit, but I have not given up.

    Do you think I should have put “Hostalicious definition: make them Bunnies loco” under that picture instead of rewriting the Beyonce song? I couldn’t decide if Fergie to Veggie Tales or Beyonce to Veggie Tales was a bigger leap. I think Beyonce was a little bit more of a contemporary of VT than Fergie so that’s why I went with her.

  3. I didn’t know Aaron had a category of “cute” for any animals other than Abe! But it doesn’t surprise me that he can still find some enjoyment in bringing about the demise of even the “cute” ones.

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