Friday Five: Pre-Autumnal Foods

I have a tendency to discover a favorite food and then eat it constantly until I can’t stand the thought of that dish anymore. This habit usually drives Aaron crazy, but right now we are both in a crazy food phase together and having a lot of fun! If you stop by sometime soon, we’ll probably be eating one of these:

1. In first place, Roasted Pears. Apparently we have never fully appreciated this fruit before. This recipe gives the basic gist of how it works, but we’ve been making up the filling combination as we go. Our favorite version was cinnamon, almond butter and craisins, but cinnamon, nutmeg, and golden raisins with a touch of real butter came in second. I imagine these would be fabulous with ice cream, but we’ve been eating them on their own.

Pears in the new oven!

2. We have a wealth of fresh juicy tomatoes, so I usually eat a big one for lunch with salt and pepper. Sometimes I add a poached egg to make it a more complete meal.

3. Aromatic Jasmine Rice isn’t anything outrageously special, but this is much more fragrant than regular white rice and adds an extra kick to stir-fry nights.

4. Popcorn microwaved in a paper bag,  covered with an inappropriate amount of melted butter and liberal salting. And then consumed far too quickly.

5. Since fall is almost here, tea has replaced lemonade as the recreational beverage of choice.  The favored blend for both of us right now is Tazo Zen, which has green tea leaves, lemongrass and spearmint.

Tazo on the patio