I have become slightly obsessed with knitted cowls. Of course I am not turning my back on the traditional scarf; I prefer to think of this as a scarf cousin with whom I am only just now becoming acquainted. I have fallen deliriously in love and can’t get enough. I have finished knitting one and have two more on the needles. One of those is a gift though. It’s so fun to use up random balls of old yarn on fashionable projects!

Here are a few that I think are HOTT.

1. From

2. From

3. From
I have yarn just this color, too…


3 thoughts on “cowl

  1. I was totally going to make one until Ali got me one from Gap. Really lovely seed stitch in a blue that’s a little more green than navy. Good luck! I really want to make a knitted pouf.

  2. I have seen photos of the Gap cowl! The blue one is truly beautiful. Is it long? I am thinking I need a long one that can double up if needed for a particularly freezy day. I think I will make a long seed stitch cowl with my rusty colored yarn. Perhaps we should meet up someday and have ourselves photographed in such lovely coordinating accessories.

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