fashionably early

It’s what we here at the Hummel house like to call “butt cold” outside. We’ve got another fire in the fireplace, cozy slippers, hot tea and blankets to go around. It may seem strange to be thinking of this, considering that it’s winter and we’re on a spending freeze, but I want to be strategic about my spring/summer wardrobe planning. So I’ve been looking at a few things that would be lovely to have. This might be a good way to use the cash I’m to be making from things we’ve already got around the house. I’m up to a whopping $14.80, by the way. I imagine my total will increase once I take pop cans back this weekend. Although I usually get so frustrated taking cans back that immediately run in to the grocery store and purchase something steamy, large, delicious and caffeinated at Starbucks. I will try to hold myself back this time. Or at least just get tea. That’s not even $2.00. Which is still using up the income from a lot of bottles and cans with Iowa’s measly 5 cent deposit return. Anyway.
Here is a really beautiful dress from Mod Cloth that would be awesome to wear to my sister’s college graduation in May. I imagine it with a light jacket and lovely earrings:

modcloth dress

This gap sweater looks like it would be a great pop of color for spring on those days where it’s still kind of cold but you don’t want to dress like it:

gap shirred shoulder cardigan

This navy-striped hoody from JCrew would be great for running around on the weekends when you just want to wear a sweatshirt without looking like a total slob. It would be great with dark jeans and cute white shoes. There’s actually a similar one at Ann Taylor Loft (caught my eye first, even) for a little cheaper, but this one looks more flattering. That’s important for the not-looking-like-a-slob aspect of the outfit.

JCrew Striped Hoody - weekend wear

And yes these items are mostly ridic on the cost side of things. I derive great personal satisfaction in getting good deals; I laugh in the face of retail price tags. My life motto is very applicable in shopping situations: virtus tentamine gaudet.

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  1. I’m loving the modcloth dress! And the color of the Gap cardi. And the gap will go on sale. Just check in on thursdays and sundays b/c that’s when Gap does their markdowns. Usually on a two week cycle.

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