i pity the fool (kitchen, pt 5)

If this is where we are for the fifth installment of the kitchen project, I am a little scared about how many posts this will take up. However, things are now looking hot and lovely along one side of my kitchen. For this I am glad.

looking over the island

Wow! What a difference. I don’t wish to misrepresent myself here: I couldn’t fall asleep the first night the sink was in because of how awesome the faucet looked. Joy bursts over in my heart every time I glance at it. The towel is behind the sink because we haven’t caulked between the counter and the backsplash tile yet and I’m trying to keep water from getting in there. Hopefully that helps.

it looks so much brighter in here!

This picture is a more accurate representation of the color now. With a shiny stainless sink in place of the grimy pink one, and a white-based countertop instead of the yellow one, it really looks like we added more lights already!
We were a little surprised at the way the tile looks after being grouted and sealed. Maybe you remember from the video that they looked a little powdery and grayish? They are definitely more yellow and brown than we originally thought, but I love the textured look and we’re still really happy with the tile we chose.

looking good!

The tile was remarkably easy to install. I am mildly allergic to the adhesive we used, so Jenny did that part of the job to avoid aggravating my rash further. Both the big mosaics and the border had a mesh backing, so we just lined the tiles up and squished them onto the tile glue. After Jenny left, I spent nine hours laboriously grouting 3/4 of the backsplash. It was awful. Then I realized I had the wrong tool, which was making my life miserable and wasting lots of grout. I purchased a $3 grout floater at Lowes and finished the last section in 15 minutes.

still need to cut out the tape and caulk the edge!

How do I feel after making these huge accomplishments? What do I want to say to anyone who might come against me in these conquests? I feel like a warrior, like a mighty champion, like a powerful and conquering victor. More specifically, I feel a little like Mr. T.
And I pity the fool who would undo what we have done here.

7 thoughts on “i pity the fool (kitchen, pt 5)

  1. Abby, this looks wonderful! I’m going to revisit this for inspiration when I have a kitchen that I want to redo!

  2. So so beautiful! It looks so bright and clean! But I feel tired just looking at the whole thing. Way to go!

  3. Just found your blog! I so hope that is a Delta faucet! Your kitchen looks 568,387 times better than the last time I saw it!

  4. Congratulations Abby and Jenny! You did an amazing job and it looks fantastic! I can’t wait to see it in person…someday. 🙂

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