we all struggle with forward motion

We have done basically nothing on the kitchen in the past two weeks. I like to say that real life got in the way. What really happened is that we snuck out of Iowa for a long weekend in Indianapolis and I have been wasting my whole life on the website Pinterest. As far as real life goes,  I work full time and come home and teach piano lessons in the evenings, so it does get hard to fit everything else in. Anyway, dispel your hopes of exciting pictures of a romantic and adventurous getaway. What I have to share is not all that exciting, especially when I admit that I took five pictures the whole time we were there, and four were of baby ducks we saw swimming in the canals.
The little Indianapolis weekend was excellent and fast. Maybe the most exciting part is that we stayed in a hotel. And we ate in restaurants. We walked around for the sole purpose of seeing what there was to see. We’re usually so very goal-oriented that it was great to have a (slightly) relaxed trip to just experience, explore and enjoy ourselves!
Here is Aaron, in front of a museum we didn’t visit. I took the picture because there were deer in it.

Deer statue

And we walked along the canals where we saw a duck family. We (okay, I) have an affection for mamas and ducklings since we saw a group of them on Lake Michigan during our honeymoon.

there were 11 babies in all

And a great bonus to the weekend was a trip to see my sister’s college graduation! Bethany is a little more than two years younger than me, and we have been told we look like twins and Britney Spears before she became creepy and chubby and drug-using and bald. In addition to being smart, funny, beautiful and classy, she is now a college graduate who is prepared and certified to share her awesomeness with a very blessed elementary classroom at an undetermined location this fall.

my lovely sister, photo by iva

The ceremony itself was long and we were roasting inside the gym. The fire alarms went off and Naomi said “Okay, well now we know why it is so hot — there is  a fire in here!” There wasn’t actually anything wrong so we got to avoid a scene of mass hysteria, and after cute little Beth marched her way across the stage, we made our way to a restaurant for dinner.  Dad and Aaron had an eating competition with their ribs. I think they both won.

I’m so glad I got to see my sisters, too.

We had a fun few hours together and then Aaron and I headed back to the hotel for pool and hot tub time! What a fun, fast weekend.