don’t stop believin’ (garden 2011)

Having an (admittedly) nerdy plant-loving husband is very helpful in the summer when he grows a garden. Aaron puts a ton of effort into both the planning and execution stages of gardening. In doing so, he finds enjoyment, we save money, and I feel hip because we’re extreme produce locavores.

This year has been pretty successful. Even though our first attempt at snow peas was an epic fail, we’ve enjoyed several rhubarb crisps, the first few fresh tomatoes have been divine, and we’re trying a new technique with the delicious acorn squash!

all our tomatoes!

the big tomato is almost ready - such a picture of hope.

these snow peas are an embarassment to nature

squash growing up on stakes!

that bee's pollination will make the flower produce a squash!

Rhubarb stalks. And sometimes I do, too.

This year I have my own little garden, too. I am very proud of it. I purchased this little basil plant at a farmer’s market and repotted it myself. I try to water it. Don’t laugh – this is actually a big deal for me. I don’t have natural horticultural nurturing instincts, but I’m starting small and trying to make this work. I don’t want to have to buy fresh basil all the time when tomato season is in full force, because my favorite way to enjoy a juicy red tomato is tossed with olive oil, chopped basil and fresh mozzarella in a caprese salad. I fully intend to try fanning the tomatoes like this, too. Yum!

grow, baby, grow!

[first picture from livingstonandporter’s etsy shop]

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