Because a crazy summer full of:
A) Two new work projects. Both are going well, but I’m still not over the hump of the work-from-home learning curve. I have gone from four weekly students to at least seventeen over the course of a few weeks and I love it. As I wave goodbye to a kid leaving after their lesson, I think “How is this really my job!?”
B) A kitchen remodel. Also going well, and I am way behind on posting those updates. I’ll just say that right now there is a hole between the kitchen and the guest room, one of the two towers is down and the island has no counter.
C) Other desired outdoor projects weigh heavily on us, like readjusting some plant beds, building a retaining wall and putting in a fire pit.
D) At least eight sets of overnight visitors from out of town.
…wasn’t enough, we’ve had some laundry issues. More specifically, washing machine water drainage issues. So until figuring out what the problem was and getting it fixed a few nights ago, we haven’t been able to do laundry for nearly three weeks.

Now that we’re back up and running, this is what the bed looks like at all times. As soon as I get it cleaned off, another series of baskets is ready to be dumped on there. I’m thinking I’ll finally have it all done today. I also think if we could make it this far without doing the laundry, we have too many clothes.

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