“….without fathom.”

It goes without saying that our chicks started off pretty cute. Then they got little tail-feathers and that was still cute, but it went downhill from there. As they grew, they got a little bit brattier and much, much stinkier.  Apparently this is typical of adolescent chickens as well as humans. We also sent two of the Barred Rocks (Black-and-White) to a new home, since we only wanted four and were pleasantly surprised that all six survived their first few weeks in the box.

coop outside

In recent days, they moved out of their box in the laundry room and currently reside in a stylish navy blue coop in our backyard. They won’t be laying eggs until August, so we’ve entered a less-than-exciting phase of chicken tending.

chickens outside

I have always been very opposed to the idea of “Furbabies,” where people consider their animals as important as kids and call themselves “Mommy” and “Daddy” to the pets. However, we don’t have any children or even regular pets running around, and the chicks are definitely getting an extra dose of our doting while we teach them to do things their moms would have taught them on a farm. The solution has been to narrowly escape the “furbaby” category by claiming a special title for ourselves as caregivers. The idea came from Megamind, one of our favorite movies. (If you haven’t seen it, don’t judge the whole movie based on this one-minute clip. The full-length feature is quite a hoot!)

Last night, after he successfully impelled the chickens to use their ramp independently, Aaron gave a perfect impersonation of this scene, saying, “I am the Chicken’s Space Dad and my chicken-training abilities are unfathomable…. they can’t be fathomed… they are without fathom.” Since I’m less involved with their activities, I get to be the “Space Step Mom.” What can I say? I’ve had some work done recently.

7 thoughts on ““….without fathom.”

    • Thanks!! It is fun. If we ever move to Indianapolis (a possibility we definitely want to keep on the table as Aaron’s eventual graduation comes closer), you can bring your kids over to play with our chickens sometime. 🙂

    • You should do it! I like it so far! I’m a little nervous about how much fun Aaron is having though… if the Lord ever blesses us with a child, I think Aaron would be unable to say no to pet requests. There are already plans in the works for an “aquarium room” with all different kinds of aquariums (saltwater, terrariums, fresh, tropical, etc.), and I think we would end up with some sort of Dr. Doolittle hobby farm if a little child ever said something like, “Daddy, can I get a duck/frog/llama/horsey/puppy, please?” I mentioned this to him, and he said, “I know! Especially when you think about the fact that our kids would be even cuter to us than [our niece] Maria!” Lord, have mercy! They would probably all grow up to be veterinarians.

      • Haha! My dad LOVES aquariums! I think he had 5 big ones at our house at one point. My mom finally said that was too many, and he has two now. I’m excited this year that a friend from church is going to let me use her garden. I went to look at it Thursday, and it’s really big! 🙂 I’m hoping to grow lots of yummy veggies.

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