“Don’t you wish your Bible was ecumenical like mine?”

My April to-do lists are pretty crazy. Trying to make lots of people happy is never a great way to avoid busyness and stress, but it’s a necessary evil of my self-employment. Additionally, there are taxes to finish up, there is an impromptu bathroom remodel to tackle, there are classes to direct and piano students to teach. Weekends aren’t really weekends for the next few weeks. I love what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but there is a lot of working and not a lot of sleeping going on at our house!

As an anti-insanity measure, I squeezed in a walk in our park this weekend when the weather finally became warm and sunny. A no-cell-phone-so-no-one-can-bug-me kind of walk. And then I even had some outside Bible study on a beach chair in sandals. (I feel like there should be some exclamation points in that sentence.)  ecumenicalI found this Bible during a recent visit to my parent’s house. My maiden name is written inside the cover, and I vaguely remember having it at some point for some College class or something. And by some strange happening, there are notes all over the generous margins in my handwriting and I have absolutely no recollection of studying from this volume. It’s huge, about 3x the size of my usual leatherbound NIV, possibly because it contains the Apocrypha, which I always mean to read and research but never do, but also because of the generous cross references at the bottom of each page. It’s been fun to discover (or really rediscover, I suppose…) these resources. I still want to learn Greek, but in the meantime, it’s nice to have so many study aids available in English.

Psalm 38. I don't know why I underlined this; good to know it's still true!

Psalm 38. I don’t know why I underlined this; good to know it’s still true!

I definitely get a huge nerdy kick out of opening up this scriptural monstrocity, but it’s really spooky to find notes I have no memory of making, especially when they are helpful and insightful. The real world may be dulling my senses, because these notes definitely indicate I was a lot smarter in college. Or at least I had more insights concerning the Minor Prophets than I would these days…

6 thoughts on ““Don’t you wish your Bible was ecumenical like mine?”

  1. Hi Abby, We enjoy your blogs so much. Danna and Gretchen and Gwen were all here last Friday. Your blogs were mentioned and the compliments began to fly. Maybe your ears were ringing. Thank you for your warm insights into your lives. They are very enjoyable as well as very welcome. Love, G & G Cheney

    • Oh, thank you. I’m glad you enjoy it. We miss you so much! I’m looking forward to spending time with you this summer as we witness all the nuptial bliss. 🙂 Love, Abby (and Aaron.)

  2. Haha! Yes. Yay for spring walks and insightful notes you have no memory making. I have similar thoughts when I read most of my college margin notes. =)

    • Hmm. I’m glad to know I’m not alone. But maybe we should think of this not as losing intelligence, but gaining street smarts with the book smarts we refined… I think you’re still pretty smart and wonderful! 🙂

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