reading round-up (10.18.13)

A few read-worthy finds from this week’s browsing…

Now that we’re house-hunting in earnest, these “Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos” are a perfect combination of hilarious and horrifying.

Woah! Technology always demonstrates profound beauty and intelligence in nature. Behold,  a chorus of crickets! (Hearing crickets always reminds me of my best friend from high school, because she hated them intensely.)

In terms of my business and ministry objectives, I’m already feeling a lot of self-pressure to be “even more awesome” when we move to Minnesota -I know, seriously, pull yourself together, Abby– and I really appreciate the admonition, Stop Trying To Be Awesome. I have way too many interests and ideas about what the next season might hold for me, but I want to remember how “classical philosophy held that limits are the precondition of beauty,” and keep these obsessive thoughts about accomplishments in perspective. (Also, I sort of know the author from my home-school group growing up. She was always much smarter and more eloquent than me.)

This girl grew up in the wilds of Africa. I wonder what those freaked-out ListServ parents who were concerned about the safety of mowing lawns would say about this…

I loved how accurately the advice about conservatism from Louis Markos at The Imaginative Conservative nails a description of human nature, political philosophy, and community:
“I want to draw you to something deeper, a way of life that is grounded in essential truths about God, man, and society. The true conservatism I would steer you toward begins with a foundational truth that is revealed to us in the Bible but which has always struck me as the height of common sense: namely, that we were made in God’s image but are now fallen. The first part is the ground of all human dignity and intrinsic worth. Apart from it, we are nothing more than great apes with no ultimate claim to specialness. The second part is the reality check, the reason why we need laws and limits, checks and balances. …Never forget that you are both the glory and the scandal of the universe: neither beast nor angel but an incarnational mix of the two.”


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