sale pending!

Well, well.
entry mumsGetting things together, even to the point of potting mums for the front step, seems to have paid off. We’ve accepted an offer to buy our house.

downsize (25)

After watching friends wait long stretches -sometimes years- to sell houses, we’re amazed at this blessing. We negotiated and signed everything just a few days after listing the house, and now that we’re hammering out inspection details, everything should be all set to hand over the keys in December. We’re feeling very grateful, very humbled, and very excited (sometimes overwhelmed…) about the hunt for a new house. Instead of focusing on the bittersweet feelings of leaving this place, I’m trying to make the most of the next seven weeks here. I think these evenings will have lots of bonfires.
bonfireIs this really happening!?

3 thoughts on “sale pending!

  1. Yayayayayayayayaya!!! This is so very exiting and I must say that I will certainly be copying your idea of the logs below the mum pots — amazing. I kind of want to go home on my lunch break to spruce up my front patio.

    • Haha! That’s awesome. Your front patio has so much potential! (I think that’s Real-Estate code for, “We really need someone with good taste to take over this disaster,” which means you clearly fit the bill.)

      Aaron was not on board with the logs initially, but now he agrees it was a good idea. We have learned a lot about when to yield to the other person and when to just go with it for house stuff — hopefully it translates into a quicker transformation on the next place! And hopefully that next place will be picked this weekend!

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