reading round-up (10.25.13)

Passing time makes my college education more precious and valuable to me. I’m really grateful I went to Hillsdale and got to study with this guy, and I think his advice to families and high school Seniors in choosing colleges is most wise. I am occasionally asked how on earth  Aaron and I ever got together when our studies, future careers, and many of our hobbies did not seem to overlap. But I think the answer lies in the outcome of a true liberal arts core education — we have wrestled with the same Great Conversation, so we understand the foundation of each other’s perspective on life, which seems to be serving us better in a life where enjoying an interesting conversation over a cup of french-press coffee is actually a little more practical than both enjoying, say, Scuba Diving. Additionally, I think studying a few things we may not have signed up for trains us to be more adventurous and willing to try new things in all of life. Guess what? I think target practice, kayaking, and cross-country skiing are really fun, and Aaron has a special place in his heart for the composer Hector Berlioz. I think taking those “extra” classes in Literature, History, Politics, Economics, Art, and Science gives each of us a greater appreciation for the vast wonder of the world God made. Yes, studying those things makes me a better musician, business owner, home-maker, friend, and wife. It makes Aaron a better scientist, student, hunter, gardener, and husband, too. It’s the Liberal Arts that best explain what it means to be human, and it’s valuable for musicians and scientists alike.

You can take a test to figure out which state would make you feel most “at home.” While I should fit in reasonably well in Minnesota, apparently Utah matches my personality best. I am a little unnerved that Minnesota is considered more neurotic. I don’t really know what makes a state neurotic, or how anyone could judge that, but it’s definitely concerning.

Moving to Minnesota in the winter makes me think it would be best to marvel at the beauty of snowflakes so I don’t get too discouraged by their excessive presence in the next few years of my life.

2 thoughts on “reading round-up (10.25.13)

  1. I took the test Abby. I was Utah also! I was surprised. I thought I would be in the Midwest somewhere. The headline of the article did read that Utah was the most agreeable. Maybe we are both very agreeable.

  2. If you already love cross country skiing, you’ll do just fine through a Minnesota winter. I don’t know what makes Minnesotans neurotic, but I do know that figuring out how to have fun in the winter is part of what makes Minnesotans warm and strong.

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