Little Max

Little Max has been the most delightful (and naughty) addition to our life! We are sleeping less, getting drastically less done around the house, and housebreaking this close to the arctic circle is a bit more challenging than it may be in better weather, but the payoff of a great dog for the next decade+ is something we’ve been excited about for a long time. We’re already marveling at how big he is and learning some of his little quirks.


Name: Max, after the poor little dog in The Grinch and a sidekick to the villain in The Great Race. (It tells a lot about Aaron’s sense of humor that he wants his dog to feel like the sidekick to two different cinematic villains.)

True cinematic alter-ego: Chewbacca from Star Wars, because he is brown, furry, makes funny noises at all times, and has more than earned the nickname “Chewie.”

New tricks: running up and down the stairs; occasionally sitting on command; whining when we do not provide a treat for spontaneous sitting.


Likes: chewing fingers, socks, carpet, knit items, ANYTHING FLEECE, furniture, ANYTHING FORBIDDEN, pens, toggles on winter coats, paper; licking; treats; scratches; naps on laps; exploring outside for very limited periods of time; waiting for the chef to spill food while preparing meals; attempting to pit the grown-ups against each other; snooping on computer usage.


Dislikes: chewing on toys while there are more exciting things elsewhere in the house; being unable to fit on laps and under certain pieces of furniture when it worked last week; watching Deadliest Catch (he probably thinks Duck Dynasty would be more appropriate, being a bird dog himself); getting cold paws when we go outside.

20140109-091210.jpgAnd… his snout is already longer than it was in this picture!

photo (2)

(Yes, I suggested the name Dwight a few times before we got him.)

4 thoughts on “Little Max

    • Well… Of course we think he’s cute, but nope… 😉 Naughty is naughty, it’s never cute, and that’s our stuff (and our bodies) he likes to bite, so we’ve been following our training plan as strictly as possible and hope it works out long term! 😉

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