reading round-up (1.10.14)

As more of our friends are having children, and therefore statistically we have more friends with children who are special needs, I really liked this article about kids with disabilities. I feel like a klutz sometimes when this comes up — I can’t even figure out how to comment on this without fearing that I’m saying something wrong. I’ve enjoyed reading about how some of my friends from high school are discovering a beautiful life with their new little boy who has Apert Syndrome, and if you get technical about the meaning of names, I love that their blog title “Don’t Doubt Jack,” really means “Don’t Doubt that God is Gracious.” In a world that very often “terminates” unborn babies for the slightest disappointing ultrasound report, I’m glad to see parents celebrating the victory of their kids’ lives. It’s good.

On a less serious note, I loved almost everything about Coffeedoxy and Heterodoxy, except their derogatory comments about eggnog lattes. Those things are almost the coffee version of the incarnation, the perfect culmination of eggnog AND espresso, and I would drink them year-round.

With a new puppy, we also have a rediscovered passion for Dog-Shaming.

Since I’ve, uh, had a few things going on, I forgot to link this earlier:  I guest posted for my friend Emily while she was busy having her two babies. (And learning to write shorter posts is my 2014 blogging resolution…!)

Boston Review’s The Truth about GMO’s was a great read. The author does a great job of explaining how the technology of modern genetic engineering is actually altering less of the genetic code than cruder methods used during the past few thousand years of crop development.